What is Trackman?

Trackmantm is the ULTIMATE Practice tool!

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When I first started teaching golf back in the early 80’s, we verbally described ways to help the student understand or feel proper positions in the golf swing.


Then came video which accelerated the learning process, and now there’s Trackman.....the next level of learning and improving the your golf swing.


Trackman is the world’s first and only golf swing and shot analysis tool with totally integrated video and data. In simpler terms......It gives us an x-ray of what the club and ball is doing when swinging a club.



Norm Moote has been a member of the Canadian Professional Golfer’s Association and a Teaching Professional with over 28 years of full time teaching experience. He was one of the original instructors that worked under George Knudson. His school services the Georgetown, Brampton, Mississauga GTA and West Palm Beach Florida.

Knudson, who was a PGA Tour player, was known for his amazing ball striking ability and unique approach to coaching which helped thousands of golfer’s play better golf due to its simplicity and ease of understanding. Norm still teaches Knudson’s teaching philosophies today plus he utilizes state of the art equipment TRACKMANtm which accelerates the learning process.

Norm credits his passion and inspiration, to Knudson for helping him learn and develop the skill of teaching the game the game of golf.

Norm’s reputation as an instructor has set him apart from his peers not only from an instructing perspective but as a communicator and player.

Norm’s coaching inspires his students to realize that regardless of their ability, they can play better golf and enjoy the learning process along the way.

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